# Terminology

We use the following definitions in our documentation.

# Chaos Platform

Complete solution for chaos engineering with multiple components, such as Proofdock Cloud and extensions for Azure DevOps and Chaos Toolkit.

# Azure DevOps Extension

Enables chaos engineering features within Azure DevOps. Install the extension from here.

# Azure DevOps

Cloud-based services from Microsoft that enable teams to plan, collaborate, develop and deliver their products faster. Whenever a reference to Azure DevOps is made, it is assumed that Proofdock's extension for Azure DevOps is installed. Check out the Azure DevOps site.

# Chaos CLI

An open source chaos command line tool. It extends the Chaos Toolkit with Proofdock relevant capabilities:

# Chaos Middleware

An open source software solution that hooks into your application in order to allow introducing turbulent conditions, simulate outages and malfunctions. The Chaos Middleware provides software artifacts for diverse programming languages and frameworks. Inject turbulences either with our control panel or with header requests at runtime.

# Proofdock Cloud

A cloud-based service, that lets you practice chaos engineering. It enables you to manage Chaos Experiments or application attacks with the Chaos Middleware. The Proofdock Cloud handles requests that originate from the Chaos CLI, Chaos Experiments and the Chaos Middleware. The Proofdock Cloud is provided by Proofdock.