# Basic setup

The Chaos Platform is the center of your chaos engineering activities. In order to install and configure it please follow the steps described below.

# Installation

  1. Register at Azure DevOps: Sign in or sign up to Azure DevOps. You are new to Azure DevOps? Check out the official instructions here.

  2. Install the extension: Install our extension from the official Marketplace.

# License and data privacy

When you install the Chaos Platform the first time, please take a moment and ...

  • ... read what you can expect from our service and what we expect from you as a customer (license agreement),
  • ... read what we are doing to protect your personal data (data privacy agreement),
  • ... share your email with us. This is needed to contact you when e.g. our licenses do change (contact information).

Important notes

  • Available under Organization settings -> Extensions -> Chaos.
  • Access to this page is restricted to organization owners or administrators.
  • More about organization settings.

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