# Project settings

Project-specific settings give you control to create and manage access tokens.

Important notes

  • Available under Chaos Platform -> Settings
  • Access maybe restricted to members of the Project Collection Administration or Project Administration groups, or a team administrator.


# Token

Running attacks requires a token that authenticates you with the Proofdock Cloud. A token is scoped to the DevOps project it was generated in. As a result every DevOps project requires a separate token. A generated token will expire after a certain amount of time specified by you. Since we do not store the tokens for you, make sure to keep a generated token in a safe place.

Important notes

  • A token is scoped to the project it is generated in.
  • Tokens expire after a specified amount of time.
  • Keep the generated token in a safe place. We won't store it for you.

# Revoke a token

Revoke a token

You can revoke a token that is no longer needed. Revocation will invalidate the token and prevent accessing the Proofdock Cloud with it. You may want to revoke a token due to reasons, such as project members leaving your team or compromised security.

# Update a token

Naming a token is a good way to remember it. You can name it after the reason it was generated for. However, reasons may change or typos in the name may bother you. Just click on the access token of interest and an update panel will pop up on the right. Fix the name, save it, and go ahead with your work.