# Organization settings

The organization settings allow you to enable DevOps projects, configure a payment method or to select a proper subscription plan.

Important notes

  • Available under Organization Settings -> Extension -> Chaos
  • Access to this page may be restricted to organization owners or administrators.

# Subscription

Within the subscription view you manage the subscription plan that you want to apply to your projects. This option is currently disabled. If you want to apply a business plan, please contact us.

Settings subscription

Important notes

Adjust the subscription at any time and only pay for what you use. Proofdock let's you easily up- and downgrade a subscription plan and the number of projects whenever you want.

# Billing

Manage the billing address, the payment method and the contact address of your organization.

Settings billing

# Contact

Update a contact email address to stay informed about our terms of use, product feature updates, or changes in the pricing.

# Payment method

The payment method that you pay the invoices with. At the moment only card payment methods are accepted.

# Billing address

Enter a billing address if you want to have incoming invoices equipped with an invoice address.

# Invoice

See incoming invoices and download them.

Settings invoices