# Organization settings

The organization settings allow you to enable DevOps projects, configure a payment method or to select a proper subscription plan.

Important notes

  • Available under Organization Settings -> Extension -> Chaos
  • Access to this page may be restricted to organization owners or administrators.

# Subscription

Within the subscription view you manage the subscription plan and the number of projects you want to apply it to. After adding your subscription, you choose the projects that you want to activate.

Settings subscription

Important notes

  • Adjust the subscription at any time and only pay for what you use. Proofdock let's you easily up- and downgrade a subscription plan and the number of projects whenever you want.
  • Don't forget to activate the projects that shall run chaos experiments. Else they will not be able to run any chaos experiment.

# Billing

Manage the billing address, the payment method and the contact address of your organization.

Settings billing

# Contact

Update a contact email address to stay informed about our terms of use, product feature updates, or changes in the pricing.

# Payment method

The payment method that you pay the invoices with. At the moment only card payment methods are accepted.

# Billing address

Enter a billing address if you want to have incoming invoices equipped with an invoice address.

# Invoice

See incoming invoices and download them.

Settings invoices