# Application

Enable and disable application turbulences with Proofdock's Chaos Panel. Attack your application easily with a few mouse clicks.

Important notes

  • Available under Project -> Chaos Platform -> Chaos Panel
  • To use the Chaos Panel, install the Chaos Middleware in your application
  • Attack configurations take up to thirty seconds until becoming active

# Cancel, pause and resume attacks

Click the ... button in the application's table row to:

  • Cancel an attack. Removes the attack from the application and sets the application to Online.
  • Pause an attack. Disables the application's attack and sets the application to Paused attack.
  • Resume an attack. Enables the application's attack and sets the application to Under attack.

Applications become Offline, when the latest heartbeat is more than 15 minutes ago. When an application heartbeats again, it revives the application's latest status.

# Emergency: Cancel all attacks

Cancel all attacks from applications that are under attack. In the case of emergency, click this button and resolve all attacks.

# Attack

Configure your attack in the Attack application form.

Chaos Panel attack form Configure an application attack


Field Description Example
Application The application that is attacked. Offline attacks and attacks that are under attack are not selectable. webstore-api
Attack The attack type. Delay injects a time lag to API responses. Fault injects exceptions and raises them within your application Delay
Duration The duration of the attack 60
Delay Delay value in seconds. 15
Fault The fully qualified name of the exception in your application Exception
Probability Attack probability, in percentage 85
Route Attacking route /api/v1/customers

Important notes

The exception or an error that is going to be raised. Needs to be a fully qualified name.