# Chaos Panel

The Chaos Panel allows you to introduce turbulent conditions into your system directly from your Azure DevOps space. This type of attacks are great during a development phase or testing phase when you want immediately verify how your system behaves in case of failures.

Azure DevOps

Chaos Panel is available under Project -> Chaos Platform -> Chaos Panel

# How to start?

To attack applications or Azure resources, please read the "get started with Chaos Panel".

# What can I attack?

You can attack applications or Azure resources with Chaos Platform.

Attack any application applicationthat has installed and configured the Chaos Middleware. Application attacks are considered to be less invasive as infrastructure or platform attacks. Application attacks are great for spotting issues in error handling functions or issues related to request timeouts or slow network.

Attacking Azure resources requires service connections. Azure attacks enable you to simulate resource outages and to stress resources. Azure attacks are great for testing your monitoring, alerts and infrastructure rules.

# Overview

The main view lists attacks that have been started by you.

Chaos Panel overview